WADAISIES Specialist growers and suppliers of seeds of West Australian native ephemeral plants

WADAISIES Specialist growers and suppliers of seeds of West Australian native ephemeral plants

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2024 Catalogue

Please note that while the plant descriptions are as accurate as possible, growing conditions will considerably influence overall size, flowering period and the number of flowers. Click on an image for more information about each species.
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Camel Grass
Angianthus tomentosus

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Blue Pincushion Native Cornflower
Brunonia australis

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Paintbrush Daisy, Rosy Bellida
Bellida graminea

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Many-stemmed Burr Daisy
Calotis multicaulis

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Swan River Daisy - Jarrah Forest form
Brachyscome iberidifolia

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Long White Pom Pom
Cephalipterum drummondii LWB

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Long Yellow Pom Pom
Cephalipterum drummondii LYB

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Short Yellow Pom Pom
Cephalipterum drummondii SYB

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Pinkish Pom Pom
Cephalipterum Pinkish

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Yellow Shield Flower
Dithyrostegia ampleicaulis

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Monkey-faced Goodenia
Goodenia Mimuloides

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Little Charmer
Hyalosperma cotula

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Sweet Golden Everlasting
Hyalosperma glutinosum ssp. venustum

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Lindley's Everlasting
Lawrencella rosea

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Slender Lobelia
Lobelia tenuior

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Myriocephalus guerinae

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Panaetia lessonii

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Podolepis aristata var. affinis

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Pleated Podolepis
Podolepis rugata

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Golden Longheads
Podotheca gnaphaloides

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Rhodanthe charsleyae

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Yellow Everlasting
Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp chlorocephala

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Pink & White Everlasting
Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea

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Rhodanthe citrina Yellow

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Yalgoo Daisy
Rhodanthe collina

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Hairy Fairy Lights
Rhodanthe heterantha

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Golden Cluster Everlasting
Rhodanthe humboldtiana

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Silver Bells Everlasting
Rhodanthe manglesii

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White Silver Bells Everlasting
Rhodanthe manglesii

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Mini Silver Bells
Rhodanthe manglesii Jarrah Forest Form

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Midi Pink Hint Everlasting
Rhodanthe Midi Pink Hint

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Mini White Everlasting
Mini White

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subsp. ornata

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Spike Headed Everlasting
Rhodanthe spicata

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Rhodanthe stricta

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Roebuckiella ciliocarpa

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Pink Cluster Everlasting
Schoenia cassiniana

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Thread Leaved Everlasting
Schoenia filifolia subsp. filifolia

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Showy Everlasting Schoenia
subsp. subulifolia

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Mollerin Magic
Schoenia sp

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Siloxerus humifusus

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Blue Lace Flower
Trachymene coerulea

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Waitzia acuminata

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Golden Immortelle
Waitzia nitida

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Fragrant Waitzia
Waitzia suaveolens var, suaeolens

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Strawflower Mixed colours
Xerochrysum macranthum

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Pinkish Strawflower
Xerochrysum macranthum Pink Hint

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